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A whole lot of nothing

This blog has become very stagnant lately. I apologize for that, but I’m not really here to fix that. Instead, here is a post about a whole lot of nothing. Including some random, unedited photos.

It seems like when life decides to get busy, everything seems to happen all at once, am I right? I keep daydreaming about our week spent in Hawaii which now feels like a distant memory. This fall has been a compilation of long dreary gray days & snow, as well as blue skies, warm weather, and green grass. Somewhat odd, but I am loving the warmer weather that came after the cold. Our days seem busy but they also tend to drag on, the minutes going oh so slowly.

I will update you later with what is keeping us so busy, for now, I’ll keep it a surprise… Anxious are you? If you know me you probably already know what I’m talking about. All I say is that our rental is getting quite full of annoying boxes that the children tend to think are their new jungle gym.

Here are some recent photos, in no particular order:


IMG 4291 1024x683 A whole lot of nothing

IMG 4330 1024x683 A whole lot of nothing

IMG 4320 e1478563527684 200x300 A whole lot of nothingIMG 4329 1024x683 A whole lot of nothing


I plan on enjoying this extended fall for as long as it’s here. Park days are the best days.

Diana e1462231476351 A whole lot of nothing

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