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Love Letter to my Best Friend: the Bed

To my beloved bed,

My heart is bursting with love, affection, and thankfulness. I assume you are aware of my feelings; I have often whispered them to you as my body aches for sleep. As drowsy words of affection often get slurred or misdirected, I have decided to write you this letter to purposefully communicate my deep feelings.

I appreciate your softness. Your firm yet billowy mattress brings great comfort to my body and soul. Your sheets are smooth and crisp, your blankets heavy and warm. The fluffy pillows that adorn your top provide support and cradle my weary head.

All feelings that may be conjured inside me are welcome in your comfortable embrace. Joy, sadness, anger, defeat, or happiness are all equally accepted. Your security is provided no matter my condition. I greatly appreciate that you are consistent despite my ups and downs. You are an anchor for my soul, and solace for my weary heart.

IMG 3573 Love Letter to my Best Friend: the Bed

As a mother, I am often required to tend to children through the night. As I get up and cross the house to help a child, thoughts of you run rampant through my head. I count the minutes, the hours until I can come back to you; slink between your sheets, let my heavy eyes close and resume my deep restful sleep.

You are a part of our family. You are not partial to any one person; you accept all. I love sharing you with my spouse, and occasionally my children. Lazy Saturday mornings are spent with you as we procrastinate the day. Laughter escapes the room as we cuddle and hide with our children under your covers.

You are looking a little worse for wear, with stains and tears on your bedspread caused by playing children; this does not impede our love. We do not judge you by your appearance, as you do not judge us by ours. You help us love each other; for that we love you.

The early start and late close of my days are spent with you. As much as I dread leaving you in the morning, the deep feelings that overcome me in the evening compensate for the loss each dawn brings. You will always have a special corner in my heart.


Yours Truly,

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