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The First Article of Faith: Family Home Evening Lesson

The other day the cutest video came up on my Facebook feed. My friend was recording her little girl (3 yrs old) reciting a few of the LDS Article of Faith verses. Her pronunciation was so sweet and her running dialog very impressive as she spouted off doctrine about the beliefs of the LDS church with very little help. I felt guilty as I realized that I couldn’t remember more than 2 of the Article of Faith scriptures and my children had never even heard of them. The idea came to me to make these scriptures the focus of our weekly Family Home Evening (FHE) lessons to learn and (ideally) memorize the Article of Faith scriptures. I have decided to start with the first Article of Faith.

This family home evening lesson plan is a brief lesson on the FIRST Article of Faith and what the message entails. The material is suited for all ages and includes a link to great coloring pages (for kids & adults.. because who doesn’t like to color?). Feel free to cut out or expand different sections of this lesson plan, as it’s just a basic structure to give you ideas.

The First Article of Faith Lesson

Opening Song: Faith – Children’s Songbook pg. 96

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  • Read: “We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.” —Articles of Faith 1:1
  • Explain the scripture:
    Many churches believe the three members of the Godhead are all one person (called the “Trinity,”). We know that the Father and the Son each have bodies of flesh and bones and that the Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit. Joseph Smith personally saw Them standing side-by-side (show The First Vision image). Even though the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are three distinct personages, They share one purpose.the first vision 82823 gallery The First Article of Faith: Family Home Evening Lesson


  • Learn the Song: The First Article of Faith – Children’s Songbook pg.122
    Memorize the Scripture: Write the scripture out on a large piece of paper, chalkboard, or whiteboard. Repeat it as a family several times. Erase a few words at a time, repeating the verse every time a word is erased. Make sure you post the scripture somewhere in your home to continue ‘Ponderizing’ (pondering and memorizing) it through the week.

 Article of Faith Coloring Pages:

article of faith etsy shop The First Article of Faith: Family Home Evening Lesson

Print out the Article of Faith Coloring Pages. Color the first article of faith as a family. My children love to color, especially for family home evening. These pages are cute and fun; I can’t help but get out some pencil crayons myself! In addition to a family home evening lesson activity, these printables are also great for primary children who are memorizing all of the Article of Faith scriptures for their Faith in God award. 

To find the colouring pages,  Click here to view more details

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elizabeth The First Article of Faith: Family Home Evening Lesson

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Closing Song: I am a child of God : Children’s Songbook pg.2

I am excited to start implementing the Articles of Faith into our Family Home Evening lessons, starting with this one. I hope that as I help my family focus on the basic beliefs of the church my children’s little testimonies will grow.
Let me know how this lesson went for your family!

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4 thoughts on “The First Article of Faith: Family Home Evening Lesson

  1. Fun Idea. I like having an FHE consistent theme, something you can always come back to if you are not feeling too creative. The articles of faith would be great, especially for little ones!

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