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February, the month of romance, right?
I have to admit that I struggle to be romantic. I distinctly remember my mother chastising me for not planning anything for my boyfriend (who soon became my husband) on valentines day. I argued that he wouldn’t care and I doubted we would even do anything on valentines day. Her hassling finally broke me and with the help of my roommates we made a very ugly cake in the shape of a heart that we dropped off at his house for him and his roommates to enjoy. Done.
Turns out this wonderful boyfriend actually did plan a romantic date, including sneaking into a locked, dark, and damp rainforest room in the University with a PB&J picnic that we enjoyed while mice scuttled around the floor beneath the bridge (the mice were gross). The date continued and became even more romantic as the night went on, and I thought “crap, I should step up my game”.

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Well, now that we have been married for 5 years I have to say he has stooped down to my non-romantic level. As explained by my husband, he pulled out all those awesome and romantic dates so that he could convince me to marry him- which worked. The stage of life we are in now creates a challenge when it comes to spending ‘romantic’ quality time with each other. When we somehow end up sneaking off to a store together alone to run errands we always laugh as we simultaneously say “Date!”, as if we have checked it off our list for the week/month/year. Occasionally we make it to the movies or somewhere other than the grocery store, but our main struggle is at home dates. The usual episode of Netflix needs a step up to improve our relationship and have more fun!
Dating Divas recently let me know of this Valentine’s package that they will have for sale for 3 days only. As I scrolled down the list I knew that this was the perfect cure for my “whatever” attitude towards Valentine’s day.┬áThe more I think about it the more I realize this is a perfect way to show love and affection, and most of these things can be used for several dates throughout the year- Dating Divas are just awesome like that. There are also several child-oriented printables and even party ideas, so if you were looking for that, score! Keep reading for more details from the Dating Divas themselves!


Blogger Bundle

%name Printable Romance & Fun: Valentines Bundle

All Things Valentines Bundle 432x1024 Printable Romance & Fun: Valentines Bundle

-Stay tuned for more Dating Diva Packages and date ideas.-
Diana Printable Romance & Fun: Valentines Bundle

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  1. I’ve never heard the story of your first valentines day! Such a great story. Well minus the mice, that’s the worst. I’m glad that Jordan was able to ‘convince’ you to marry him. You two are great together. Happy early valentines!

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