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I’m loving the song by Casey Abrams. Let’s all enjoy the simple life.  Put everything down and dance to this tune! -Diana 

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The Easiest Play Dough Recipe

My kids and I were having an at home (recoup from craziness) day. The only problem with this is they need something interactive and fun to keep them happy. They asked for play dough, and ours was looking a little worse for wear. Uhg. There is something about cooking play dough over the stove that rubs me the wrong way.…

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Family Home Evening

FHE- Choices; President Thomas S. Monson

I love our dear Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I loved his short and sweet message Sunday morning during General Conference. What a powerful testimony of what is important in life. He simply stated we need to know where we are going, and make wise choices to accomplish our goals. I want my children to understand the importance of the prophet’s words,…

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I’m the worst mom, ever.

Some days are hard. Some days I feel like the worst mom, ever. Why? I’m imperfect, and I fall short. I sometimes fall asleep on the floor while my kids play with the hotwheels track I put together, but can’t bear to roll cars on. Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom, and ignore my children to get a break.…

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General Conference with Toddlers

General Conference weekend is almost here! I feel like the weekend is the most successful when I plan ahead activities for the children to do (and maybe for myself too). 8 hours over 2 days is a long time to be attentive and try to absorb everything that our Prophet and leaders have prepared. I don’t have the expectation that…

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Chocolate Banana Muffins

Hello! This morning I was craving a lot of things. Baking. Chocolate. and Muffins. Holidays are always hard for me, as there are sugary treats everywhere! Easter is coming up, and I was thinking about our festivities, and chocolate. I started googling muffin recipes, but didn’t find anything that looked good, but still (slightly) healthy. I morphed a couple of…

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Make your own: Foaming Hand Soap

Hello! This morning I refilled my bathroom soap dispenser, and it took me less than a minute. Stopping to take photos extended my time to closer to five minutes, but none-the-less, this is a very FAST way to make your own foaming hand soap. Not to mention cost effective, and toxin free!   To begin you only need 3 (well 4,…

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I am a Mother: Finding Joy in my Work

Diana / November 24, 2014

I’ve had a lot of thoughts on my work bouncing around my head lately. My work as a mother. What I do day in and day out. We recently went to my Husbands work Christmas party, and I was so worried about what the co-workers wives would think of me. They all have impressive careers and perfect children to boot. I…

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