Our “Once Upon a time…” marriage: 5 tidbits for a “Happily Ever After”

When I was a young girl, bombarded by Disney princesses, I dreamed of the day my prince would come  whisk me from a hard and destitute life to one of ease and pleasure, complete with an ever pouring fountain of love. “Happily Ever After” is the end result of the princess films, riding off into the sunset while with a white and golden carriage sent off with happy cheers and wedding bells.

My husband and I have just arrived at our 5th wedding anniversary. Our wedding day was not our “Happily Ever After”. That is not to say we didn’t enjoy our wedding, in fact, we loved it. The anticipation of being married, going to the temple together, being surrounded by family and friends, and a great party after made for a wonderful and beautiful day. However, that was not the end of the story. Instead of it being the end of the fairy-tale, our wedding day became our “Once upon a time…” a journey of hardships, happiness, and growth.

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Why is chastity important? LDS youth lesson printable worksheet

Why IS chastity important? That is the question I pondered as I tried to figure out how to present this vital and sacred information to the Young Women who would attend my Sunday lesson. There are so many different aspects of chastity that are incredibly important and I had to narrow it all down into a 40 minute (which turned into a 25 minute) lesson. In my preparation, I created a printout for the girls to fill out during and after the lesson. This worksheet is intended to help the youth contemplate the material discussed and set personal goals. While using the material from the LDS manual lesson “Why is chastity important?” I selected a few key concepts to focus on.

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Grandma’s Sweet Relish Recipe- easy to prepare and preserve

It’s my 7th birthday. I’m just like any ordinary 7-year-old, complete with two missing front teeth, a bad haircut, and a love for the girl band “Spice Girls”. Grandma asks me what I would like for my birthday and my immediate response is, “A jar of relish!”

You may be thinking my claim to being ordinary is incorrect, as any 7 year old in the 90’s would surely be asking for a Furby or a new cassette tape. Although the assumption that I was (am?) strange may be true, to truly understand my passionate response for preserved vegetables, you need to try this relish. My Grandmother’s Sweet Relish recipe is the most exquisite blend of concocted garden produce to ever hit your kitchen table.

Here is the same recipe my grandmother used to follow. My mom started making it when I kept begging for it as a child, so I no longer needed to ask for it as a birthday gift. I plan on keeping this stocked in my own kitchen cupboards. My Grandma’s Sweet Relish Recipe:

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DIY Rustic Wood Stain: steel wool & apple cider vinegar

I was pondering my latest Kijiji find, a set of IKEA nightstands. The stain held a yellow tinge that made me queasy, they definitely wouldn’t suffice. My bedroom, miss-matched furniture and all, held a cooler tone and clashed terribly with the golden-yellow tables. My first thought ventured to a white or cream paint, that would be easy enough! However, as I considered the project, I knew I didn’t want to cover all of the wood as I had done on previous projects. I resolved to leave the top unpainted and dabble into the world of wood stain.

My vision included a beautiful grey toned stain sitting on top of a creamy white painted base. Instead of buying a whole stack of pricey cans to try out, I opted to make my own stain. I was hesitant at first, given my inexperience, but I found a DIY (do-it-yourself) solution that made things easy; a simple wood stain using steel wool and apple cider vinegar. Surprisingly, the process was straight forward and gave me the exact color I was hoping for. A rustic brown with a grey undertone. Here is how I did it:

PinterestImageWoodStain 683x1024 DIY Rustic Wood Stain: steel wool & apple cider vinegar

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6 Incredible Blueberry Recipes – our Family Favorites

The blueberries were sitting on the produce store shelf in a big cardboard box, a yellow sign below them read “fresh BC blueberries” (for Americans, BC stands for British Columbia, my neighboring province). Each blueberry looked plump and delicious, causing the tiny overpriced cartons of shipped in blueberries sitting beside them to look pitiful. I had to have those BC blueberries. I put one box in my shopping cart and ended up coming back to add another box a few minutes later. We have been in blueberry heaven around here, eating them by the handful. 

What does one do with so many blueberries? We have many favorite blueberry recipes that are easy and delicious. I have compiled a list of 6 fantastic blueberry breakfast, muffin, and dessert recipes. 80% of the year we don’t have access to good quality fresh blueberries; frozen berries can be used in all of these recipes. Local fresh berries have a way of making things taste better, but that doesn’t mean frozen ones can’t be wonderful too.

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Father’s Day

Today was Jordan’s third Father’s Day. Poor guy was assigned to give a talk in church. When his time in the program arrived was he was announced as a ‘seasoned father’. He got up to the podium and made a joke out of being labeled a ‘seasoned father’ after only 3 years. {The definition of seasoned is having a lot of knowledge of doing something and therefore knowing how to do it well.} If there is anything this guy does well, it’s being a father. I am so thankful that he is the father of my children, he does a wonderful job…
IMG 2159 copy 200x300 Fathers Day

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Homemade Natural Deodorant: a Pit Stick to Rule Them All!

We love feeling fresh and smelling great. Deodorant helps us feel confident and at ease knowing that our natural body odor is being held at bay. About 90% of us apply it daily, that’s a lot of pit sticks! Although a key factor in choosing a deodorant is the effectiveness, it is also important to know the ingredients. Did you know that many deodorant products contain numerous harmful chemicals?

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