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‘The Echoing’- book review & blog tour **Giveaway!**

Diana / August 22, 2016

**Giveaway Closed** Books. I love books. Well, most books. Quite often books become my escape, allowing me to leave my own concerns (and piles of laundry) behind and venture into a world created by an author. When Jessica Blackburn asked for volunteers to read and review her new fantasy novel “The Echoing” I jumped at the offer.  As much as…

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Personal Blog

Family Vacation 2016- Camping in Waterton

We spent the whole last week of July on vacation visiting family and having adventures. I had my phone with me to snap photos the whole time but rarely pulled out my camera to document things. On our trip to Waterton I made an effort to take more photos, capturing a few of the fun things we did.


Grandma’s Sweet Relish Recipe- easy to prepare and preserve

It’s my 7th birthday. I’m just like any ordinary 7-year-old, complete with two missing front teeth, a bad haircut, and a love for the girl band “Spice Girls”. Grandma asks me what I would like for my birthday and my immediate response is, “A jar of relish!” You may be thinking my claim to being ordinary is incorrect, as any…

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Decorating, Refinishing

DIY Rustic Wood Stain: steel wool & apple cider vinegar

I was pondering my latest Kijiji find, a set of IKEA nightstands. The stain held a yellow tinge that made me queasy, they definitely wouldn’t suffice. My bedroom, miss-matched furniture and all, held a cooler tone and clashed terribly with the golden-yellow tables. My first thought ventured to a white or cream paint, that would be easy enough! However, as…

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