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“I can sleep when the wind blows”- Book Review

Diana / October 25, 2016

I can vividly recall the feelings of frustration as my father would begin a parable at the dinner table, when I was struggling with my math homework, or when I had done something wrong. I would roll my eyes and complain that teaching a man how to fish had nothing to do with division, or how the story he told…

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Crafts, LDS lessons

Chalk Board LDS General Conference Journal: free printable

Diana / September 18, 2016

LDS General Conference is close upon us yet again, how exciting! I always enjoy fun and interactive notetaking while I listen and attend the conference. There are always SO many wise words spoken, but sometimes listening to and remembering 8+ hours worth of information is daunting. I am sure many others, like myself, need a more hands-on, creative approach to…

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