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General Conference with Toddlers

General Conference weekend is almost here!

I feel like the weekend is the most successful when I plan ahead activities for the children to do (and maybe for myself too). 8 hours over 2 days is a long time to be attentive and try to absorb everything that our Prophet and leaders have prepared. I don’t have the expectation that my children will sit through it all. 1 hour of sacrament meeting on a normal Sunday is hard enough! But I feel it is important to get them involved, and excited about General Conference. It is such a great opportunity to have our questions answered, and receive direction in our lives, and I want my children to learn how much fun it really is!

Here are a few things that were successful last fall…

I wanted to create something that I could use over and over. I found a few printable pages created by other bloggers.

IMG 0856 300x200 General Conference with Toddlers

Over at moms have questions too are the do-a-dot apostle pages. I only printed out the first three  (The General Presidency) as many of the apostles are now outdated, and I felt like my 3 year old’s attention span would only last for three anyhow. After I printed them I laminated them for reuse. I purchased some mini magnets, and got out a tiny cookie sheet. The dots are perfect for placing the magnets.

IMG 0848 200x300 General Conference with Toddlers






I also printed off a Draw the Speaker page , from the blog A year of Family Home Evenings. I laminated this one as well. I gave my toddler some washable markers and let her go at it. She Loved it! I also had some wet wipes handy, to easily wipe it off when she wanted to draw the next speaker. The magnets are fun too use on this page as well.





For myself, I always need some sort of stimulation to keep me focused. If I have something hands on and artistic I’m setIMG 0859 copy 200x300 General Conference with Toddlers. I love the packets that Arie Van de Graaff puts together. She is a LDS cartoonist.


This is the one I will be using this conference: General Conference Activity Packet April 2-3, 2016. I only printed off the note taking pages last session for myself, but print off whatever you like, and share it amongst the family. They are very well made!

UPDATE: April 2017 Packet





I hope that these tips will help you and your family this General Conference weekend. I can’t wait to hear from our beloved Prophet, Thomas S Monson. I am looking forward to hearing all of the talks prepared specifically for us. I know there will be juicy hints and tips to make life wonderful and more in line with Heavenly Father.

IMG 9042 300x200 General Conference with Toddlers


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  1. Thanks so much for these Diana! I saw your post….late last night so I didn’t have a chance to do some laminating. BUT, I just grabbed a couple plastic page protectors that go in a binder, slid the sheets in those and they worked perfectly! Just thought I’d throw that out there for any other last minute momma’s out there 🙂

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