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Why is chastity important? LDS youth lesson printable worksheet

Why IS chastity important? That is the question I pondered as I tried to figure out how to present this vital and sacred information to the Young Women who would attend my Sunday lesson. There are so many different aspects of chastity that are incredibly important and I had to narrow it all down into a 40 minute (which turned into a 25 minute) lesson. In my preparation, I created a printout for the girls to fill out during and after the lesson. This worksheet is intended to help the youth contemplate the material discussed and set personal goals. While using the material from the LDS manual lesson “Why is chastity important?” I selected a few key concepts to focus on.

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Here is a brief outline of my lesson and direct quotes:

What is Chastity? 

  • Chastity is sexual purity, a condition that is “pleasing unto God” (Jacob 2:7). To be chaste, you must be morally clean in your thoughts, words, and actions. You must not have any sexual relations before you are legally married. When you are married, you must be completely faithful to your husband or wife. [True to the Faith; Chastity]

Why is Chastity Important?

Divide the young women into groups. Give each group one of the sections of President Boyd K. Packer’s talk “The Plan of Happiness,” Elder David A. Bednar’s talk “We Believe in Being Chaste,” or Sister Linda S. Reeves’s talk “Worthy of Our Promised Blessings.” Have each group study their section and answer the question “Why is it important to be sexually pure?” Invite them to share statements or truths that they found meaningful or important. How can they use what they learn to help their friends understand why chastity is important to them? (Suggestion directly from Learn Together points in the lesson)

God’s standards

  • “Because a physical body is so central to the Father’s plan of happiness and our spiritual development, Lucifer seeks to frustrate our progression by tempting us to use our bodies improperly. One of the ultimate ironies of eternity is that the adversary, who is miserable precisely because he has no physical body, entices us to share in his misery through the improper use of our bodies. The very tool he does not have is thus the primary target of his attempts to lure us to spiritual destruction.”-David A. Bednar

Draw a comparison chart on the chalkboard: one side to list Satan’s sexual standards, and the other God’s Standards. Ask the girls to list things that they experience or hear that would be listed under what Satan tries to convince us and then compare that to what God has told us is right (which can be found in the For Strength of Youth Pamphlet: Sexual Purity).

Video- Chastity:What are the Limits?

Who will I go to for help and guidance when I need it?

  • Nowhere is the generosity and mercy of God more manifest than in repentance.Our physical bodies, when harmed, are able to repair themselves, sometimes with the help of a physician. If the damage is extensive, however, often a scar will remain as a reminder of the injury. With our spiritual bodies it is another matter. Our spirits are damaged when we make mistakes and commit sins. But unlike the case of our mortal bodies, when the repentance process is complete, no scars remain because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The promise is: “Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more” (D&C 58:42).
  • For the Strength of Youth: Victims of sexual abuse are not guilty of sin and do not need to repent. If you have been a victim of abuse, know that you are innocent and that God loves you. Talk to your parents or another trusted adult, and seek your bishop’s counsel immediately. They can support you spiritually and assist you in getting the protection and help you need. The process of healing may take time. He will heal you and give you peace
    If you are tempted to commit any form of sexual transgression, seek help from your parents and bishop. Pray to your Father in Heaven, who will help you resist temptation and overcome inappropriate thoughts and feelings. If you have committed sexual transgression, talk to your bishop now and begin the process of repentance so that you can find peace and have the full companionship of the Spirit.

It is the plan 1024x1024 Why is chastity important? LDS youth lesson printable worksheet

Every group of girls will require varying materials or need it presented differently. I know as you pray and ponder how to facilitate the lesson, that you will receive guidance on how to teach this vital and beautiful information. My hope is that this printable worksheet will help spark your ideas and also help guide your lesson to get your youth involved and bring the guidance and direction of the Holy Ghost, who is a much better teacher than any of us can ever hope to be. Chastity IS important, it brings so much happiness and joy in our journey.
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