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4 things I loved about my Home Birth

Diana / August 30, 2017

Telling people about my decision to have a home birth usually causes one of two reactions: concerned wonderment or excited support. It seems that most people are on one side of the fence or the other when it comes to home birthing. The idea of a home birth either being terrifying or liberating. Neither side of the fence is necessarily…

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Year 2017: Strength in all things

Diana / January 6, 2017

I’m not very good at New Year’s resolutions. I mean, who actually has time to think about a resolution on the first day of the year? I’m still recovering from the Holidays. It’s now almost a week into 2017 and I think I have figured out the direction of my ‘resolution’.  Like and Share!

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Our Christmas Service- Day 22: Jesus Showed Gratitude

Diana / November 22, 2016

This Christmas season I have joined in with mormon.org and their #LIGHTtheWORLD 25 days of service challenge. I am posting a few weeks ahead, as my December is  a whirlwind of crazy in our home, and I wanted to start sparking your ideas for service you can do! First up is our Christmas service of Gratitude. Like and Share!

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‘Motherhood’: not just the crummy stuff

Diana / August 27, 2016

Yesterday’s rainy afternoon took us to Walmart; partially because we were out of fruit, but mostly because we needed an outing. Nap time for the almost 2-year-old was being put on hold to try to get on a better bedtime schedule (Summer has been terrible for schedules). Our aisle wandering finally took us to the toy section where the kids…

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Childhood – a Gift

I believe that childhood is a gift. Childhood is a period of innocence and immaturity; a time to explore, learn, and progress. Our Creator, who in his wisdom, sends each person as a child to enhance their life, and bless the world around them. There is only a single chance to live childhood. Each individual is born only once; body…

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