Baby Loves Sleep Hands In & Out Sleep Suit Review

Diana / October 29, 2017

From day 1 this baby girl has loved being swaddled. At different stages, she has liked different types of swaddles. Most recently she likes to have her hands near her face. The only problem with this type of swaddle with blankets is that she gets out of it and wakes up during the night. We tried a sleep sack that…

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4 things I loved about my Home Birth

Diana / August 30, 2017

Telling people about my decision to have a home birth usually causes one of two reactions: concerned wonderment or excited support. It seems that most people are on one side of the fence or the other when it comes to home birthing. The idea of a home birth either being terrifying or liberating. Neither side of the fence is necessarily…

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Year 2017: Strength in all things

Diana / January 6, 2017

I’m not very good at New Year’s resolutions. I mean, who actually has time to think about a resolution on the first day of the year? I’m still recovering from the Holidays. It’s now almost a week into 2017 and I think I have figured out the direction of my ‘resolution’.  Like and Share!

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Childhood – a Gift

I believe that childhood is a gift. Childhood is a period of innocence and immaturity; a time to explore, learn, and progress. Our Creator, who in his wisdom, sends each person as a child to enhance their life, and bless the world around them. There is only a single chance to live childhood. Each individual is born only once; body…

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The Sacred Gift of Childbirth- Review

*giveaway closed* I recently received a copy of “The Sacred Gift of Childbirth; making empowered choices for you and your baby” by Marie Bigelow, with the expectation to write a review and post it here for all of you to read. I had high hopes that I would enjoy it and be able to positively recommend it to my blog readers.…

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I’m the worst mom, ever.

Some days are hard. Some days I feel like the worst mom, ever. Why? I’m imperfect, and I fall short. I sometimes fall asleep on the floor while my kids play with the hotwheels track I put together, but can’t bear to roll cars on. Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom, and ignore my children to get a break.…

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