DIY Rustic Wood Stain: steel wool & apple cider vinegar

I was pondering my latest Kijiji find, a set of IKEA nightstands. The stain held a yellow tinge that made me queasy, they definitely wouldn’t suffice. My bedroom, miss-matched furniture and all, held a cooler tone and clashed terribly with the golden-yellow tables. My first thought ventured to a white or cream paint, that would be easy enough! However, as I considered the project, I knew I didn’t want to cover all of the wood as I had done on previous projects. I resolved to leave the top unpainted and dabble into the world of wood stain.

My vision included a beautiful grey toned stain sitting on top of a creamy white painted base. Instead of buying a whole stack of pricey cans to try out, I opted to make my own stain. I was hesitant at first, given my inexperience, but I found a DIY (do-it-yourself) solution that made things easy; a simple wood stain using steel wool and apple cider vinegar. Surprisingly, the process was straight forward and gave me the exact color I was hoping for. A rustic brown with a grey undertone. Here is how I did it:

PinterestImageWoodStain 683x1024 DIY Rustic Wood Stain: steel wool & apple cider vinegar

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