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4 things I loved about my Home Birth

Diana / August 30, 2017

Telling people about my decision to have a home birth usually causes one of two reactions: concerned wonderment or excited support. It seems that most people are on one side of the fence or the other when it comes to home birthing. The idea of a home birth either being terrifying or liberating. Neither side of the fence is necessarily…

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Simple Life

I’m loving the song by Casey Abrams. Let’s all enjoy the simple life.  Put everything down and dance to this tune! -Diana  Like and Share!

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The Easiest Play Dough Recipe

My kids and I were having an at home (recoup from craziness) day. The only problem with this is they need something interactive and fun to keep them happy. They asked for play dough, and ours was looking a little worse for wear. Uhg. There is something about cooking play dough over the stove that rubs me the wrong way.…

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General Conference with Toddlers

General Conference weekend is almost here! I feel like the weekend is the most successful when I plan ahead activities for the children to do (and maybe for myself too). 8 hours over 2 days is a long time to be attentive and try to absorb everything that our Prophet and leaders have prepared. I don’t have the expectation that…

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