Baby Loves Sleep Hands In & Out Sleep Suit Review

From day 1 this baby girl has loved being swaddled. At different stages, she has liked different types of swaddles. Most recently she likes to have her hands near her face. The only problem with this type of swaddle with blankets is that she gets out of it and wakes up during the night. We tried a sleep sack that we had used for our son and it was OK except having her arms and hands exposed posed a problem. She would grab things, whack her face, and her hands were cold during the night. I did like having her hands free for holding toys and comfort items, but we needed something with more options. When I saw Baby Loves Sleep Hands In & Out sleep suit I was super excited to try it! A happy compromise between a swaddle and sleep sack.

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Baby Loves Sleep offered me a product discount to honestly review their product. I purchased size 6-12 month autumn/fall Hands In & Out Neon Rain Clouds sleep suit. These are my own unbiased thoughts.

Baby Loves Sleep Hands In & Out Sleep Suit Review


When I first opened the package and felt the fabric for the sleep suit I thought “wasn’t I supposed to get the winter one?” It felt super thin compared to the quilted sleep sack we were currently using. I was worried that it wouldn’t keep her warm enough through the night (Canadian nights can be COLD!).

However, I have been swayed: this is the perfect thickness! I can layer a fussy sleeper under it if I feel the need to, but thus far I haven’t been worried about her getting overheated nor has she ever been cold while wearing it. The fabric is also soft and stretchy. Previously, her hands were always freezing with the sleep sack or swaddle blankets that she would squirm out of. In this sleep suit she stays covered and cozy in the breathable yet warm fabric.

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This print is ADORABLE and I also consider it to be gender neutral. It’s the most “feminine” of the Hands In & Out autumn/winter patterns, but I would totally use it for a boy. (it consists of red, green, and blue rain clouds)


Everything is pieced together very well on this sleep suit. The zippers open and close easily and have a wonderful zipper cover at the top (which also works as a great place for a soother clip!). The Hands In & Out feature is great and so easy to convert. The seams are sewn well and the suit seems durable and it should last us a long time (until she outgrows it).

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My Favorite Features

I really enjoy the hands in & out feature. This is a new thing that this company has just started selling. I think they did a good job incorporating the convertible aspect.

The double zipper pulls on the zipper are great for easy diaper changes. I can unzip a small portion on the bottom without completely taking her out of the sleep suit. It also zips up diagonally across the front which is cute and functional.

This sleep suit is not bulky or awkward. Nursing her before bed and during the night is more comfortable since there are no blankets to re-wrap or puffy sleep sacks in the way.

This product was purchased from CANADA! There are many different providers around the world, but I love that I can support a local company and not have to pay international charges and shipping. Yay!

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I recommend this product for babies that enjoy the swaddle feel but need a transitional sleep sack/suit. Overall I am impressed with this product and am happy with my purchase.

Happy sleeping babies for the win! (note, my baby is NOT sleeping in any of these photos because one does not disturb a sleeping baby- no matter how great their sleep suit is. haha)

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Baby Loves Sleep Canada has been gracious enough to offer 10% off to my readers! Use the PROMO CODE: bbnbabes at checkout to receive your discount. 

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