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A wonderful Sunday

I have been told that this blog is great and all, but that posts of our family happenings are greatly missed (hi mom). My journaling has been lacking lately, so I figured I would start a new section on my blog for personal blog posts.
Today was a wonderful Sunday, filled with a visit from family, spiritually nourishing church meetings, and rain mixed with brief sun rays between parted clouds. My camera came out a few times today to capture the moments.

Watching the rain before church, matching sweaters and all.

IMG 2003 copy 300x200 A wonderful Sunday

Finding flowers in the front garden weed patch with Grandma. 

IMG 2022 copy 300x200 A wonderful Sunday

E picked multiple flowers, T picked rocks.

IMG 2032 copy 300x200 A wonderful Sunday

IMG 2040 copy 300x200 A wonderful Sunday

Sitting with auntie, waiting for Grandma to come back.

IMG 2052 copy 300x200 A wonderful Sunday

I love simple, yet busy, Sundays; perfect for replenishing my soul.
Diana 300x129 A wonderful Sunday

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