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4 things I loved about my Home Birth

Telling people about my decision to have a home birth usually causes one of two reactions: concerned wonderment or excited support. It seems that most people are on one side of the fence or the other when it comes to home birthing. The idea of a home birth either being terrifying or liberating. Neither side of the fence is necessarily greener than the other, it just comes down to personal preference and comfort.

Previously, my knowledge and understanding created a strange and perhaps dangerous image of home birth. I sat on the fence for a little while, putting out my feelers to the idea of natural child birth. It took me a while to hop over that fence to where I now view birthing at home as safe and liberating. I’m so glad I dug deep and found out what I felt was best for my baby and my birth experience.Home Birth Pinterest 683x1024 4 things I loved about my Home Birth

Here are 4 things that I loved about my Home Birth :

  1. Midwifery Care

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The thing that I loved most about my birth experience was having a team of midwives and a doula. I didn’t necessarily have to have a home birth while in their care but I like to think of it as a huge perk. I felt supported and uplifted by my midwives. Every appointment they went above and beyond to ensure I was informed and they listened to every concern or worry. I felt comfortable in their hands and I knew that my baby and I would be safe and well cared for. I was legitimately sad as I left the office for the last time at my 6 weeks postpartum checkup knowing I would no longer see them on a regular basis.

Another highlight of midwifery care is that they were only just a phone call or text away. They came to my home several times during the fresh postpartum and newborn days. I felt like I could ask them anything and knew we were getting the medical care we needed, right from home. In my experience, I haven’t felt that devotion and attention from many other health care professionals.

  1. No rushing to a Hospital or Birth Center

My labor and delivery was such that I would have been having very intense contractions and even pushing while trying to drive to the hospital or birth center (yes, things were that fast). During my pre-labor, I had a relaxing shower, wandered around my house in my nighty, and watched a show in my bed. I had a hospital bag lightly packed with the essentials just in case, but I didn’t have to worry about loading up and hauling everything with me.

When my labor picked up and intensified I simply sent out text messages and everyone came to us. I had access to everything at home, and when push came to shove (pun intended) and I came to terms with the fact that baby WAS indeed coming, I wasn’t in a panic to get in the van and rush off, I was right where I needed to be.


3. Crawling into my own bed with my baby and husbandIMG 8463 copy 768x1024 4 things I loved about my Home Birth

I can’t say that delivering a baby was a piece of cake. It was just as difficult/adrenaline rushing as it would have been anywhere. It was great to be able to labor and push in the positions that felt right to me making my delivery feel more personal. However, I can say that crawling into my own bed after my little one was born was one of the best feelings in the world. I just laid there, snuggling and nursing my new baby while everyone buzzed around me cleaning and taking care of things. I love my bed, and it was a great feeling to be right in my comfort place.

  1. Not leaving my house for days

Some people may cringe at the thought of being home bound, but I love it. Especially when I am sore and recovering from having a baby. Gone was the experience of strapping my newborn in a car-seat, and waddling down the hospital hallway with my ill fitting clothes and pads upon pads wadded between my legs (sorry for that mental picture). I stayed home, in my jammies, and let people come and go as they pleased to visit the new baby.

It was so much more convenient to have family and friends come visit. There was no cramming in a small shared room, or children getting bored and antsy staring at the same 4 walls with no toys. At home, I could just stay in my bed and let everyone else use the rest of house for the time they visited. I sat out on my deck to get some fresh air and some sun on my face a few times which helped me feel invigorated again, but I didn’t feel any pressure to get up and go anywhere.

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The best part of my home birth was welcoming a chunky, healthy, beautiful baby girl into our home and family. My response to the question “would you have a home birth again?” is always a “yes!”. The whole birthing and recovery process is still so fresh in my mind I can’t quite commit to actually having another baby. However, if the future day ever comes that I am planning another birth, having a home birth will be my first choice!

Diana 4 things I loved about my Home Birth

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