Chalk Board LDS General Conference Journal: free printable


LDS General Conference is close upon us yet again, how exciting! I always enjoy fun and interactive notetaking while I listen and attend the conference. There are always SO many wise words spoken, but sometimes listening to and remembering 8+ hours worth of information is daunting. I am sure many others, like myself, need a more hands-on, creative approach to remain alert and attentive. While brainstorming for a youth activity for our 12 and 13 year old girls in the youth program, I came across the idea to create a General Conference journal. Our end product has enough pages to dedicate notes from each prophet and apostle’s talks for several years- along with plenty of room to take notes from other speakers. The journals were finished within an hour and a half, and the girls had so much fun personalizing them.

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Choo-Choo, he’s 2! A Choo-choo Train birthday party: cake and gift ideas

train second birthday

My little boy has become obsessed with all things trains. We decided to throw him a choo-choo-train birthday party for his second birthday. It was a low-key family affair, and this boy had a blast. Who knew that balloons and trains could bring so much excitement? That along with presents, mac and cheese, and cake.

IMG 3518 copy 683x1024 Choo Choo, hes 2! A Choo choo Train birthday party: cake and gift ideas

I can’t believe my little baby is two already! Wasn’t it just a few days ago when we brought him home from the hospital, all fresh and tiny? Now he is running around, sleeping in a toddler bed, throwing tantrums, and talking in sentences. He brings just as much joy to our family as he did when he first joined us. I am so grateful for this gentle, kind, fun little boy. He makes a great play mate for his big sister.

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Top 20 Autumn Crafts and Activities: for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Autumn Crafts

September isn’t quite here yet but the autumn chill is already knocking at the door. My fingers are still crossed that we get a few more hot days, but I can’t deny that I am all excitement for the new season. I adore autumn. Yellow leaves, crunching sidewalks, crisp air, pumpkins; so divine. My children love to do crafts. In preparation for fall, I began my search for crafts and activities to prepare. Holy moly there are a tonne! After scrolling through a million different ideas (some intriguing, some useless) I decided to compile a list of my favorite autumn crafts. I have no intention of doing all of these (who has time for that?), but the ones I don’t do this year can be done the next.

Each craft or activity I have selected is simple, easy, and suited for toddlers or preschoolers. None of these will cost much money and most of the items you probably already have at home (or in your backyard). Here are 20 Autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving crafts for your little kiddos to enjoy!

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‘Motherhood’: not just the crummy stuff


Yesterday’s rainy afternoon took us to Walmart; partially because we were out of fruit, but mostly because we needed an outing. Nap time for the almost 2-year-old was being put on hold to try to get on a better bedtime schedule (Summer has been terrible for schedules). Our aisle wandering finally took us to the toy section where the kids explored and pushed all the buttons, creating a chaotic, noisy section of the store. It was still rainy outside so I let them play for longer than usual, I was being a fun mom. There were a few tricycles out on display that my two little rugrats hopped on and started motoring around on. No one else was around, so I didn’t mind.

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‘The Echoing’- book review & blog tour **Giveaway!**


**Giveaway Closed**

Books. I love books. Well, most books. Quite often books become my escape, allowing me to leave my own concerns (and piles of laundry) behind and venture into a world created by an author. When Jessica Blackburn asked for volunteers to read and review her new fantasy novel “The Echoing” I jumped at the offer.  As much as I love reading, I dread trying to find a good book. I heavily rely on friends and family to suggest books and I even joined a book club so I have others to recommend books and discuss the novels with afterward. I received a digital copy of ‘The Echoing’ from Cedar Fort to honestly review. I have to say, I enjoyed this book. If anything I wish it were longer, with more detail of events after the climax; perhaps a sequel is necessary.

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Our “Once Upon a time…” marriage: 5 tidbits for a “Happily Ever After”

-Once upon a time-

When I was a young girl, bombarded by Disney princesses, I dreamed of the day my prince would come  whisk me from a hard and destitute life to one of ease and pleasure, complete with an ever pouring fountain of love. “Happily Ever After” is the end result of the princess films, riding off into the sunset while with a white and golden carriage sent off with happy cheers and wedding bells.

My husband and I have just arrived at our 5th wedding anniversary. Our wedding day was not our “Happily Ever After”. That is not to say we didn’t enjoy our wedding, in fact, we loved it. The anticipation of being married, going to the temple together, being surrounded by family and friends, and a great party after made for a wonderful and beautiful day. However, that was not the end of the story. Instead of it being the end of the fairy-tale, our wedding day became our “Once upon a time…” a journey of hardships, happiness, and growth.

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Why is chastity important? LDS youth lesson printable worksheet

Why Is chastity important header

Why IS chastity important? That is the question I pondered as I tried to figure out how to present this vital and sacred information to the Young Women who would attend my Sunday lesson. There are so many different aspects of chastity that are incredibly important and I had to narrow it all down into a 40 minute (which turned into a 25 minute) lesson. In my preparation, I created a printout for the girls to fill out during and after the lesson. This worksheet is intended to help the youth contemplate the material discussed and set personal goals. While using the material from the LDS manual lesson “Why is chastity important?” I selected a few key concepts to focus on.

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